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The O’SullivanFarm Part Deux

Well, our fish tank life was short-lived. Not long after this post, our fish went to the giant fish tank in the sky.

Even with our research and best intentions, things went belly up, literally, one after the other and before we knew it, we were four fish down. Turns out it was the “ick” (or “ich.”) Which I didn’t even know was a thing but apparently it is very common and you probably already know about it. The fish get these white spots which are indicative of some parasite that has embedded itself inside the fish and feeds off of it. It is pretty gross, I know, I hope you’re not eating breakfast (here is a link to read more about the ick if you want to.)

The kids took it pretty hard, especially Aidan, even though it was technically Ryan’s fish tank. Aidan was pretty crushed.

See, they’d come to say “hi” to us at the glass, wiggle a lot, and I thought they were being friendly. Turns out it was a cry for help.

Poor fish. RIP guys.

We now have this stuff that can cure the ick but I’m not sure when we’re going to try again. The boys are kind of scarred. Any tips for me? Thanks in advance!

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