Christie O.

My websites & podcasts

Besides storytelling here on Christie O., I run a consulting, social media strategy business where I provide help to businesses or individuals who need guidance on everything from social media setup, to long-term strategies, to individual projects. You can find all of my information for us to work in a professional capacity here:

I just launched a new podcast called The Laugh Through The Tears Podcast, these are very short episodes that are prayers for the crazy things going on in our lives infused with the style of Jimmy Fallon’s Thank You Notes and Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey. I hope you like it. I love doing it. Here’s the link: Please subscribe!

Previous to being here at and christieomedia, I got my start, though, blogging more than 12 years ago at The Mis-Adventures of Captain Poopy, where I navigated life as a new mother with my husband in the fixer-upper that we still live in and our little baby “Poops:”

However, soon after he was born, there was another little baby on the way and Poops had a brother, so I began to blog about those adventures, getting back into pre-pregnancy weight and running, recipes and reviews and working with businesses and brands over at:

When life at home with two toddlers got real, and I realized what an incredible feat it was to have any children at all and the new respect I had for women everywhere who did it, I launched a new site called “Average Moms Wear Capes.” I began to find my way into triathlon, continued working with brands, including a cape company (fittingly). You can find all of that at these two sites, first and then,

In 2012, I got back into my news and journalism career, so blogging took a back seat, but I’m excited to be back in this place telling stories, helping businesses, and I’m about to launch some other really cool stuff pretty soon too!