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Besides storytelling here on Christie O., I run a consulting, social media strategy business where I provide help to businesses or individuals who need guidance on everything from social media setup, to long-term strategies, to individual projects. You can find all of my information for us to work in a professional capacity here:

I got my start, though, blogging more than 12 years ago at The Mis-Adventures of Captain Poopy, where I navigated life as a new mother with my husband in the fixer-upper that we still live in and our little baby “Poops:”

However, soon after he was born, there was another little baby on the way and Poops had a brother, so I began to blog about those adventures, getting back into pre-pregnancy weight and running, recipes and reviews and working with businesses and brands over at:

When life at home with two toddlers got real, and I realized what an incredible feat it was to have any children at all and the new respect I had for women everywhere who did it, I launched a new site called “Average Moms Wear Capes.” I began to find my way into triathlon, continued working with brands, including a cape company (fittingly). You can find all of that at these two sites, first and then,

In 2012, I got back into my news and journalism career, so blogging took a back seat, but I’m excited to be back in this place telling stories, helping businesses, and I’m about to launch some other really cool stuff pretty soon too!