Christie O.

About Christie O.

Hi! Thanks for popping by my little space on the inter webs. I have been blogging a long time, at The Mis-Adventures of Captain Poopy, Average Moms Wear Capes, but most recently, just started blogging here at Christie O. I am a mom of two, a digital producer at a local tv station, I gained a BUTTLOAD of weight during my pregnancies, lost it and gained a love for triathlon and real, preservative-color free foods, mostly because my son had an allergy to red dye. (Ask me about it sometime.) I love to write, I have an obsession with actual paper and writing utensils, mugs, I love food and the bacon buffet, brunch, taking pictures of my food, finding easy recipes, and have a healthy Pinterest obsession. I love photography, I love New York City and dream of some day going back, but for now I live in Florida where we have three cold days a year and triathlon year round. I am on a quest to find and retain happiness. I am also a cancer SURVIVOR but I am defined by how I live and love each day and not by anything else.

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