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Hi! Thanks for popping by my little space on the inter webs. I have been blogging a long time, at The Mis-Adventures of Captain Poopy, Average Moms Wear Capes, Baby Tea Leaves, and now I’m here at Christie O.

I am a mom of two crazy awesome busy boys, a life-long journalist and most recently a former digital producer at a local tv station which won an award for best in the country in a large market on social media. (Humble brag!) But it was time for me to move on and start my own business. I was like George Costanza, going out on on a high note!

I gained a BUTTLOAD of weight during my pregnancies, lost it and gained a love for running and triathlon. While I have still rollercoastered over the years, I am trying to maintain, and I have found a love for real, preservative-color free foods, mostly because I found my son had intense, horrible reactions to dyes and preservatives. 

This opened my eyes to the state of our food (did you know there’s YELLOW DYE IN PICKLES? And when a pack of walnuts should be just WALNUTS, it’s WALNUTS and BHT.) I found this by spending hours and hours and hours combing over the ingredients on foods we used to eat in the supermarket. When I removed the dyes and preservatives, a very pronounced tic that he had for four years was gone within a month. I’m not a doctor, but we had gone to a neurologist and had an MRI and an EEG which found nothing, so this was groundbreaking to me as a mother. Listen to your gut, mamas. I will write a lot about this soon.

I love to write, I have an obsession with actual paper and notebooks and writing utensils, coffee mugs and other glass cups and wine glasses (I need a bigger kitchen!)

I love food so much and the bacon buffet, brunch, taking pictures of my food, finding easy recipes, but I also love to meal plan healthy meals and I have a healthy Pinterest obsession.

I love photography, I love New York City more than any other place on earth (I lived and worked there through 9/11) and dream of some day going back, but for now I live in Florida where we have three cold days a year and triathlon year round.

I am on a quest to find and retain happiness every day of my life.

I am also a cancer SURVIVOR but I am defined by how I live and love each day and not by anything else.

I am in my 40s now (I still feel like I am 16 though) and this summer, I left a long career in journalism to pursue my dreams of spending more time with my boys and building my own business as a social media strategist, consultant, and writer, through my company, Christie O Media.  Part of leaving was the dream, and part of it was simply the fact that I realized shortly after a second cancer scare that I was missing out on so much of my kids’ lives, and I was having a hard time helping one of them, who was struggling really hard. I blinked and 13 years was gone.

I love taking photos, editing inspiring videos, and writing stories. I consider myself a storyteller. There are endless amounts of stories to be told. I hope to tell them here.

I love sangria recipes and hosting dinners on holidays and Sunday Suppers. I dream of having a massive farm table that seats 12-16 people or more.

My sons are 13 & 11 and play hockey and my husband and I, who knew nothing about hockey and live in Florida, have both fallen in love with this sport SOMUCH. Go Lightning! 

I believe in vision boards and journaling and destroying limits and boundaries that we create for ourselves that hold us back from our dreams. I am spiritual and believe that we are surrounded by love and direction if we listen in the quiet.

Over the past few years, I’ve discovered my son, who was a preemie, has (along with his dye allergy), sensory processing disorder, severe anxiety, ADHD, and depression. We have had long discussions about whether or not he is OK with me writing about this so we can help other families and he has given his blessing. We have learned so much about the state of mental health in our state, how difficult it is to find help for your child in an emergency, how little help there actually is both in the medical profession and within the educational system, and how much of a stigma comes along with it. I hope to share our findings to help point you in the right direction if you struggle in this way too.

We all have stories.

Most of us keep our stories so quiet so we are not judged, but the truth is, we all go through similar struggles behind closed doors and we stay quiet about all of it when, if we talked about it, we could become each other’s village. 

I don’t know you, but I love you, and I hope to be your village.

Feel free to email me anytime.

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  2. John Myers Buskey III

    Please check out Working to try and get our clothing brand on the map. Maybe something of interest to you being a Southern Yankee yourself? Retired Military family. I am from upstate NY originally now living in Raleigh NC. Just wanted to drop a quick line. Not sure if you are still blogging and such. Hope this finds you happy and in good health! Thank you. John Buskey


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