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OK so I’m not really one with it.

Remember how last week I boasted that at some point nearing 2024 my house would be clean? And for now I’m ok with just subpar?

I lied.

Totally lied.

Even though I’m trying to convince myself I’m ok with just a “just-not-hoarder-like” existence in my home, I truly am not. In fact, for three weekends in a row of the half-cleaning only to have so much to do it couldn’t all possibly be done that allows us to do anything else whatsoever, I had a major meltdown. And it was ugly.

I literally threw in the towel and left the house to escape to where you can only rightly assume was to run errands for the house followed by an angry-tear-filled stomp into (you may already have guessed) Starbucks for a Skinny Vanilla Latte (yes I am aware of the coloring and the sugar-free which I am normally against) to do what else but create my shopping list (angrily) while perusing Pinterest (angrily) and (angrily) finding recipes for dinner that week.

My Facebook posting only slightly revealed my steam-filled frustration with going around in circles and having yet another weekend that resembles the movie “Groundhog Day.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.22.07 PMI reminded myself of the video games that my sons play (probably Minecraft) where they build a world and they get it to where they want it and then one of them gets mad and exits WITHOUT SAVING! And then they have to start over. IT’S MADDENING! That is exactly what it is like with the cleaning and especially when it feels like I clean and no one respects the clean and dumps on it. (I’m sorry mom. I understand now.)

The reason I loved Maggie’s response above so much was because I could picture myself as a character in my own house cleaning mom-video game completely losing life-power and needing to find some more energy packs or it’s GAME OVER! And my character does that spinout thing to the music while slowly dissolving into the darkness… wah wah wahhhhhhhh. <GAME OVER>

Well after my tantrum and returning home with the groceries, because who are we kidding, I could have gone and spent money on a mani-pedi but I would have just stressed about what still needed to be done that day and nobody wins if the shopping’s not done Sunday night (besides, wine was included with my purchase), I sat down with my favorite Mexican handblown wine glass, wine & watched (and cried some more) and watched Theresa Caputo.

Things felt and looked a little better and as it turned out, I had actually done enough cleaning that it no longer looked like a hovel and I was able to keep up with it all week! Hurrah!

High score in the video game!

Of course it is Saturday again and guess what, I gotta get the laundry started. Hopefully this time, the game will save.

Do you ever feel this way?


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  1. Tim

    I’m starting to understand this. And it’ seems to be worse because I’m working from home. So I’m in this mess all day, surrounded by it, yet I’m busy with work so I can’t address it. But I did buy us a roomba…and that makes me feel a little better.

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