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Laugh through the tears on ‘The Laugh Through The Tears Podcast’

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I’m so excited about the launch of my new podcast, “The Laugh Through the Tears Podcast.”

Mostly I’m excited because I have had the idea for a few months, then urgently, I was moved to do something with the idea, the words came flowing, and me, having NO IDEA how to start a podcast, FIGURED IT OUT.

Within 12 hours of my idea, I had my podcast up and recorded and running.

It’s not perfect. It’s actually pretty messy. I hit the mic a couple times with my notes, I did kind of hack together the cover art, but the reason why I am telling you all of this is that if you are moved to share your messaging, planning is great, but MOVE on your inspiration. MOVE!

I learned:

It’s really easy to put together a podcast from start to finish (I am using anchor and I have distributed it to other platforms,) you can edit the audio within the platform, you can add music within the platform, if you have to bleep something like I did, you do have to do that in a different editing software but it’s really easy to do (I used Adobe Premiere but you can use iMovie which is free.)

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been something we all want to forget at some point but one of the biggest things I got out of it was (finally) the ability to express myself freely and jump into things that scare the sh*t out of me. Mostly because most of us have been FORCED to do that, but then when you get used to it, it’s not so bad!

I hope you enjoy it, it’s 5-7 minutes of a prayer infused with a little humor (if you don’t find it funny don’t hold it against me). I would love to do this daily, but for now, it’s weekly. Here’s the link:

If you like it, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! Next episode comes out Monday.



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