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How to Make a Tutu

Most of you know by now that I love to run in tutus.

It’s just what I do. I love it! They’re easy to run in and a DIY tutu is so easy and so much more inexpensive than buying one, and even more, you can make your own customized tutu for whatever race you’re running!


I even rope my friends into doing it with me! It’s seriously a blast to dress up a course in this way. This is especially helpful when you run a Disney race in a tutu, you can make any color tutu to be Tinkerbell, Snow White, any princess, or any color just for fun.


I normally make my own and a tutu tutorial here at my blog is long overdue. Because it is no-sew, it is SO easy, and it is SO cheap! In most stores you can get the tulle for just over a dollar a yard, so you can have a custom-made tutu for just around $15 and it’s so much more gorgeous than in the store.

(About half that price for a children’s tutu). So without further ado, here is my tutu tutorial, or tutu-rial, so to speak. (Full written directions are below).

If you just want the instructions, here is what you’ll need. Feel free to refer to the video to see what the heck I’m talking about!


  1. 10-12 yards of tulle any color. If using 2 colors, use 5-6 yards of each color. You can use the spool kind like in Michael’s or the tulle by the yard from a fabric store. I prefer by the yard because it’s easier to cut.
  2. 1/4 inch elastic, 3 yards
  3. scissors
  4. measuring tape or ruler
  5. chair or pillow

    Directions: Measure your waist. Then measure the elastic to match the size of your waist, minus 2 to 3 inches, and cut there. The elastic is stretchy so you don’t want it the exact size of your waist, you want it a little shorter so that it doesn’t fall off. Tie the elastic around a big pillow or around the back of a chair. It’s easier to put the tulle on this way. Then, cut the tulle in 6 inch strips about 2 1/2-3 feet long. Time to put the tulle on the elastic! First fold a piece of tulle in half. Then put the folded tulle behind the elastic, the round part at the top and holding the ends of the tulle together, pull the ends up through the “U” shape (around the elastic), and pull to make a knot. Do this with each piece of tulle, all along the elastic until you’re done!
    To fasten, take the two ends of elastic and tie together for a pull-up tutu OR tie a pretty piece of ribbon around each end of the elastic and tie it together in the back. The end! Again, if you have any question about how to actually put the tulle on the elastic, check out the video or leave a comment below.

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